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who we are

Just as the name suggests - V Connect Homes, aims at extending their network by connecting people through trained and professional resources who have well versed real estate skills.

Our History

Just as the name suggests V Connect Homes,aims at extending their network by connecting people through trained and professional resources who have well versed real estate skills.

With a strong base and experience of more than 6 years of our management, we have been able to successfully move forward, and aim at achieving even greater heights. We tend to extend our hands as far as we can through all geographical parameters, even internationally.

We at V Connect Homes pledge ourselves to challenges everyday. When we have a goal, a target to achieve, may it be the size of a brick or that of the building, it will be executed to its utmost excellence. Through such prompting actions we have achieved a record of a number of pleased customers. Any client who connects with us, is bound to be satisfied and contended-that is affirmative! V Connect Homes-Our Connections lasts forever, provides you with services that bound you to us for an endless period.

The Director of our company has an experience of being associated with various multinational companies. in his prior experience he has handled, administered and supervised diverse international projects. Studied from a renowned university, he has his Masters in International Business. He has worked at the ground levels of the market that have gained him the knowledge of the work he does. With a great vision for the real estate market, he has a distinguished excellence in his field.

Why V Connect Homes?
In V Connect Homes, you will always find professional competency. A marketing firm in real estate, we do not just perform the outward external tasks of a project or a location but also look after the internal engagements such as a good environment, vital amenities and the perspectives of long term investments thoroughly before presenting it to our customers.

The organisation always examines the builders we tie up with, such as their background, financial strength, and the quality of work. At V Connect Homes we safeguard after the government laws and legislation by working within their guidelines. We ensure the quality of work promised to be delivered to you at all times.

Our Vision Mission

V connect homes pvt ltd wants to flourish all over the country. We do not want to limit our work area rather spread the branches in all the states. We have the courage and strength to open a new branch in a span of every six month in order to provide an ultimate real estate solution.

V connect homes pct ltd was started a year ago with its mission of ample wealth creation and real estate solutions for their end consumers. Peace and prosperity of customers as well as maintaining a worthy relationship with them is the foremost aim of our group.

OurDirector Message

Dear Team,

We want the below text on website as a separate page. Can be like exciting offer button on either side. and the name of the page would be.... About Vrindavan - Latest update

*Jai Shri Krishna* Vrindavan is considered to be a holy place by all traditions where Lord Krishna spent his childhood days. This place is famous for the well known temples where millions of pilgrims turn up on every other occasion. This place favours peace and give calmness to the soul of an individual to the utmost. Looking at the development of the city (Mathura) has already been declared as the “Heritage city”.

With the given projection of the world’s tallest temple in the city by ISCKON (Bangalore), it has given this city a charm. The world’s tallest temple called ‘Chandrodaya temple’ will be a unique monument with 700 feet tall and spread across 5 acres of land. There will be 70 floors with capsule lift waving people in seconds to the top of the temple. This will be one of the most expensive temple built by ISCKON at the cost of 300 crore (US$49 million).

As per the government undertakings, there will be a huge land (approx. 115 acres) dedicated to foreign pilgrims declared as “International city” for those who lives there and spent most of the time at Banke Bihari temple or ISCKON temple chanting ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’. As per the latest records, the maximum number of property transactions has been taken place in Vrindavan across the country.

Along with the residential projects, there are number of commercial projects which have been announced and the construction has already been commenced in few. This includes the number of five star hotels and the expansion of NH-2 highway (Delhi - Agra 6 lane highway).

V Connect Homes recommending Vrindavan. There is a strong connection between both of us. We portray our picture as our connection lasts forever basis on any pilgrim visiting Vrindavan feels like staying forever in the divine city.

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